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Argent Lumber Company

The Argent Lumber Company started in February of 1916, when Horace W. Phillips Jr., J. Ross McNeal, and William B. McNeal formed a company in order to log an 8,000 acre tract of original growth short-leaf pine, 25 miles north of Savannah, Georgia. The name "Argent" came from the friend of the company's lawyer who had a race horse named Argent. The name was short and at the top of the alphabet.

The Argent Lumber Company owned seven woodburning engines, of which the Baldwin Moguls  (2-6-0) were used as log car haulers. The Argent Lumber Company in the later years was the only interstate narrow gauge logging railroad in the nation. In May 1956, the owner sold out to the Union Bay Camp Paper Corp of Savannah, Georgia. The company had produced 638 million board feet of lumber in 40 years of operation. In October 1959, the Union Bag Camp Paper Corp retained William B. McNeal of the Argent Lumber Company to dispose of the Argent property.

A few pictures of Argent's engines can be found here.

The January 1960 sale had received about 1000 inquires, but only 8 bidders were actually present at the sale of the 8 Argent engines.



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