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No. D-9 (Plymouth)  

No. D-9

Locomotive No. D-9 is a diesel-hydraulic Plymouth MDT built in 1956. It is construction number 5902 and was originally owned by Carbon Limestone Company of Hillsville, Pennsylvania. It is  similar to MCRR's other Plymouth MDT, No. 14, although the drive has some differences. No. D-9 is powered by a supercharged Cummins NHS diesel. (Note: much of this page is similar to that of No. 14's due to the history of these locomotive's journey to the MCRR.)

In November of 1983, Service Machine Equipment purchased Carbon Limestone's operation and due to their unfavorable opinion on railroads, the fleet of diesels were left largely abandoned. No. D-9 and No. 14 were found by Midwest Central Railroad volunteers in the early 1990s and were subsequently purchased.

Originally operating on 38" gauge track (instead of the typical 36"), No. D-9 and No. 14 were regauged in the MCRR shops. No. 14 quickly entered service after its arrival. No. D-9 was left untouched for several years. It wasn't until 2009 that No. D-9's restoration began. Due to other more urgent projects, No. D-9's restoration ended up being sidelined after a year or two's worth of work. As of 2019, No. D-9's restoration has resumed and is close to being in operable condition. 

To read more about Carbon Limestone's unique operation, pick up the following book: "Ghost Rails IX State Line Legends" by Wayne A. Cole

No. D-9 No. D-9 No. D-9
No. D-9 No. D-9 No. D-9
No. D-9 No. 14 No. 14
No. 14 No. 14 No. 14
No. 14 No. 14 No. 14
No. D-9 No. D-9 No. D-14



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