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Fix the Two!
"Finance a Flue," "Secure a Stay,"
and  "Buy a Brick" Programs.

The "Fix the Six" project was so successful we have revamped the program for our other beloved steam locomotive, No. 2. 

No. 2's old boiler No. 2's cab and tender No. 2's wheels getting sandblasted

The repairs to No. 6 were peanuts compared to the needs of No. 2.While No. 6 finished at around $75,000 No. 2 will be well into six figures! Another steam railroad boasts "See your dollars go up in smoke!" That is appropriate here.

Please help us get No. 2 back under steam by purchasing flues, firebox stays, or fire brick. Better yet, help us by buying a flurry of flues, stacks of stays, and bundles of bricks! You can purchase a flues, stays, or bricks as often as you wish.

We are introducing our "Finance a Flue", "Secure a Stay", and "Buy a Brick" programs with an easy donation scheme via PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account; Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted.
Simply click on any "donate" button, indicate how many flues, stays, or bricks you'd like to purchase, and follow Paypal's directions. Alternatively, press Paypal's "continue shopping" button to return here.

Note: If you are feeling "flush" you can easily finance 10 flues, or secure 100 stays. There are no restrictions on how many flues, stays, or bricks to finance-secure-buy...and to be honest, the money goes into a big pot earmarked "No. 2 Restoration Fund." Donate to "Fix the Two" and it will go towards the restoration of MCRR Locomotive No. 2. .

Finance a Flue: $50 per flue
Secure a Stay: $25 per stay

Buy a Brick: $15 per brick
Review donations

Not a MCRR member? Go here for details on joining the MCRR.

The staff at the Midwest Central Railroad appreciates your contribution.

To acknowledge our supporters, check the benefactors page and display at the RR with the fluesheet's and firebox's geography. As flues, stays, and bricks are purchased, the appropriate spot will be filled in with notice of your "ownership." 

Questions?  Contact the "Fix the Two" administrator ( for more information.

To remind everyone what took place for No. 6, the following pictures tell the complete story of a running locomotive to a heap of parts to a running locomotive.

September, 2008

January, 2009
The 6 as we want it to look
The 6 sans boiler
May, 2010
August, 2010
29 May 2020 status
August 2010
September, 2010
September, 2010

With No. 6 working, it is time to dedicate our efforts to getting No. 2 back on the rails running under its own power.



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