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No. 9 Shay Engine

The 9 pulling trains at the GLRR

Above video courtesy "Gothpapa" from the NG Discussion Forums

 The 9 on its way to the GLRR

The 9's tender being removed from the Anderson Tooling trailer

The 9 being unloaded from its trailer

Above videos courtesy  R o g e r H o g a n

July, 2012: The 9 is now in passenger service at the loop. See Gothpapa's video or the The 9 pulls its first revenue load at the GLRR! posting at the shop blog.

February, 2011: The 9 now resides in Silver Plume, CO, at the Georgetown Loop RR as part of a 7 to 10 year lease agreement. It will be brought to current FRA "Form-4 requirements" for use on their railroad. After the 9 has proven itself in service, probably mid-summer 2012, GLRR's FRA Form-4 Baldwin number 12, a 2-6-2, will come to the MCRR.

The shop blog has several entries dedicated to the 9's relocation and its ongoing refurbishment at the GLRR.

"Yes, the 'cat' is out of the bag and the ex-WSL #9 will be 'vacationing' in Colorado for the next seven to ten years. The 9 will not be calling Colorado 'home,' as she will be returning to Iowa.

"It is a new and exciting chapter to be written in the history books for this great locomotive as well as a new and exciting chapter for the Midwest Central Railroad and the Georgetown Loop.

"It has taken a lot of work on behalf of the Midwest Central, Historic Rail Adventures, and History Colorado to put this plan together, and I personally can't wait to see the 9 perform as she was designed by pulling the grade."

Matt Crull President,
Midwest Central Railroad

It's Back! Our Shay's original number plate has found its way to the Midwest Central Railroad.

With some "interesting" sleuthing, MCRR Volunteers located and horse (well, number plate) traded some air brake equipment for the original number plate of the 9.

The pictures, below -- each with a link to a larger version -- show the plate in various positions around the locomotive and then after a brief interlude in the shop, volunteers Jesse, Griffin, Dustin, and Matt (not shown; he's using the camera!) mounting the original plate to the smoke box door.
Number plate Number plate Number plate
Number plate Number plate Number plate
Number plate Number plate Number plate

Number plate

Engine No. 9 is a three truck Class "C" Shay type locomotive built by Lima Locomotive Works, Lima Ohio, in 1923. 

All wheels are driven on this logging locomotive by three 12"x15" vertical engines through a flexible drive line and gear reduction, the right hand (engineer's) side. To compensate for the weight of the engines the boiler sits off center to the left. This 80-ton locomotive is one of the three largest narrow gauge Shays ever built, producing 36,150-lbs. tractive effort. It carries 200-psi boiler pressure and is superheated. 

No. 9 operated on the West Side Lumber Co. out of Toulumne, California. The WSL Co. ran a maximum 72-mile main line and had many more miles of spurs in Toulumne County. No. 9 worked with half a dozen other Shays on the line entering into the woods making one trip a day hauling the giant logs down to the mill. The West Side lasted until the early 1960's, and was the last steam powered narrow gauge logging railroad in the United States. 

No. 9 was shipped to Iowa operational by flat car in 1966. It has operated here since then.  In 1998, some extensive work took place on No. 9. A few pictures are here.

The MCRR staff was digging through the archives and located these pictures of No. 9 when it arrived in Mt. Pleasant in 1966. Each picture links to a larger version. 

Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR
Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR
Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR
Shay is delivered to MCRR Shay is delivered to MCRR

Below is the restored Shay operating at Midwest Central Railroad in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
No. 9 looks nearly identical to how it did in the last part of her logging career.

The 9

Below is the Shay No. 9 working at West Side Lumber.

The 9



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