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The North Pole Express

Plan your winter holiday season early! Starting co-incident with the Old Threshers Reunion opening day (Thursday, September 2, 2021) online and telephone reservations begin for this event.
Follow the link to the online reservations page or call the reservation telephone number 800-838-3006.
The volunteers of the Midwest Central Railroad want to thank everyone who has purchased tickets for this event in the past and have supported the MCRR in its mission " preserve and commemorate railway heritage for the educational benefit and enjoyment for current and future generations." .

RAILFANS: We have some locomotive specific pictures at the end of this page.

Reservations are required for this event. Tickets are $25 per person plus a small service charge from the ticket service. Children up to 18 months old do not need a ticket. Everyone over the age of 18 months must have a ticket.
Tickets go on sale September 2 (Day 1 of the 2021 Old Threshers Reunion).

After reservations are received, parties are assigned coaches. If there are two (or more) parties that wish to ride together on the same coach, we ask that you make your reservations together under one name, otherwise we can't guarantee that parties will be seated on the same coach.

Date Day Departure Times
December 4
10:00AM; 12:00PM; 2:00PM; 4:00PM; 6:00PM
December 5 Sunday 11:00AM; 1:00PM; 3:00PM; 5:00PM
December 11
Saturday 10:00AM; 12:00PM; 2:00PM; 4:00PM; 6:00PM
December 12
Sunday 11:00AM; 1:00PM; 3:00PM; 5:00PM
December 18
Saturday 10:00AM; 12:00PM; 2:00PM; 4:00PM; 6:00PM
December 19
Sunday 11:00AM; 1:00PM; 3:00PM; 5:00PM

What happens at the Midwest Central Railroad's North Pole Express? Scroll through the following portion of the page to find out what happens at the North Pole Express.

After parking their cars at the north end of McMillan Park, North Pole Express riders walk towards the North Station.

Barren North Station

Our riders check in with staff to pick up their tickets and learn of their passenger car for the trip to the "North Pole."

Ticket Agent

As the next train's riders start to gather at the North Station, in the distance they hear the rumble from one of several locomotives owned and operated by the MCRR.

Most riders will witness a scene similar to this: on the left, No. 9 or on the right, No. 6 and No. 12 chugging up the hill with its passenger cars ready to take riders to the "North Pole."

Locomotive arriving at North Station Locomotive arriving at North Station

This is the view from the fireman's side of the locomotive as it approaches the North Station.

Fireman's view as the train arrives at the North Station Fireman's view as the train arrives at the North Station

A few riders await their companions before boarding the train.

Awaiting boarding

The train crew chat amongst themselves awaiting the last few passengers to board. Our staff is here to insure your well being and enjoyment of the entire North Pole Express experience!

Conductors discuss the next train

The train circles the park at least 1.5 times before pulling into the "North Pole" (usually known as the South Station.).

The snow princess is one of the first sights seen by passengers as they disembark at the "North Pole."

The princess awaits incomming riders. The princess awaits incomming riders.

The children line up to get their chance to visit Santa in the caboose.

The caboose Children in line for Santa


Santa having his picture taken by a proud parent.


Leaving the Santa caboose.

Leaving the caboose

It is the "North Pole" and, despite the infrared heaters, it can get a bit cold. Hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies are available for the participants.


Standing in front of a baggage cart loaded with presents, a young rider has a big smile as her parents take a picture.

Gift wagon Child in front of gift wagon

The North Pole has a crafts room where children can make paper ornaments and other items.

Craft room

A well-stocked, railroad-oriented gift shop is available.


Each picture (below) links to a larger version. Photos taken at various North Pole Express events.
Use Ctrl-click to open pictures in a new window/tab.

Shay in snow Shay in snow Shay in snow Shay in snow
Shay in snow Shay in snow Shay in snow Shay in snow



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