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Volunteer Information

Our MCRR members play a key role in the organization by donating thousands of hours each year. They come from all different areas and backgrounds but all have the love for the steam railroad.
Volunteers on Six

 If you are interested in helping keep steam railroad history alive, please email, call, or stop by on a work weekend or during any event for a tour. There are many different areas that you can help.

Note: MCRR members that volunteer their time with the railroad must abide by the rules as established by the MCRR Board of Directors, our insurance carrier, as well as all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Ticket Agent Not just selling tickets, this volunteer position is public relations oriented. MCRR members, whether interacting with the public as a representative of MCRR or sharing the history of railroading, the ticket agent makes a large contribution to the atmosphere of the steam railroad.

Conductorpuke Every car needs two conductors, aged 16 or older (and optionally a junior conductor, see below) to collect tickets, maintain order for each running, and share the history of the railroad. If you are a current MCRR member but don't have the knowledge and know the history, don't worry, we can help with that. Your enthusiasm, love of trains, and willingness to share it with the public is a wonderful start for this position. Contact our Conductor/Junior Conductor Coordinator, Dylan D u n c a n, via email ( for additional details.

Junior Conductor In order for a young MCRR member to be considered for the Junior Conductor position, they must be at least 12 years of age, have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian and be trained by a designated and authorized lead conductor. Prospective Junior Conductors must contact our Conductor/Junior Conductor Coordinator, Dylan D u n c a n, via email ( for additional details. Note: Junior Conductors are only allowed to work one three hour shift then must take a shift off before working another shift.

Fireman The fireman keeps the fire going in the locomotives' fireboxes, maintains the correct pressure for the steam required to run the engine, and insures the water level is correct. The fireman prepares the locomotive for the day's use and assists in its shutdown at the end of the day. This position starts with the status of current MCRR member/Student Fireman and requires at least 60 volunteer hours somewhere on the railroad. If your interests lie with the locomotives, this is where it starts. After 60 hours and/or demonstrated competency as a Student Fireman you may be promoted to Fireman. Contact the Webmaster, via email ( for more information.

Engineer The Engineer is the top stop in the cab of the engine. This position follows at least 60 hours and demonstrated competency as a Fireman, and at least 60 hours and/or demonstrated competency as a Student Engineer and current MCRR membership status. You will be required to follow the certification steps in order to become an Engineer with the MCRR. The Engineer is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the locomotive and train.

Shop Worker The work involved in keeping the engines and rolling stock in good, safe, working order is an on-going project. We pride ourselves with keeping our equipment true to history while keeping focused on the safety of volunteers and passengers. There's always a project going on that current MCRR members and volunteers can help with, from working on engines, cars, and equipment to maintaining the track they run on, and everything in between.

In the near future we will also be needing history buffs to help in the museum with our planned educational displays and presentations. Come share your enthusiasm and interact with people eager to learn about railroading history.

We value each one of our volunteers and understand everyone brings their own strengths to help the railroad be its finest. Will you join us? Please become a MCRR member and help to preserve and share the past with future generations.



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